Opportunity Buys!



Looking for closeouts?

Here are some great opportunity buys! Limited quantity items at the lowest price ever offered!

Fun Shrek sticker sets come with 9 stickers per page and a total of 9 sheets!

Shrek Sticker Sheets

Price: $0.05
Case Pack: 108 ea

The famous flinging chicken is an all time favorite prize!

4″ Sling Shot Chicken

Price: $0.15
Case Pack: 576 ea

Did you know there is a Secret Life of Pets™ 2 coming summer 2019!! How about these for a fall 2019 collectible? We have plenty in stock!

The Secret Life of Pets Key Chains

Price: $0.20
Case Pack: 750 ea

Mini Squirting Chocolate

Price: $0.08
Case Pack: 2880 ea

Fun iPad/tablet/phone holder! Top prize of 2017-2018!

4″ Thumbs Up Phone Holer

Price: $0.75
Case Pack: 200 ea

Rechargrable hovering helicopter ball! Control by allowing the device to hover over your hand!

Hovering Ball Copter

Price: $9.00
Case Pack: 48 ea

Simply clip your phone to the front of the headset and watch whatever is on your phone in 3D!

Virtual Reality Goggles

Price: $5.00
Case Pack: 20 ea

Super cool speakers! Bluetooth capability with water that is in sync with the tunes!

Bluetooth Water Fountain Speakers

Price: $22.00
Case Pack: 6 ea