Industry Related Partners

Sureshot is a full service redemption and party supply company. As such, we work closely with many partners in the amusement industry. We offer the following resources you may wish to consider as your partners for a successful operation.
Point Of Sale

Sureshot works with ALL of the above Point of Sale (POS) systems and automatically generates an Electronic Packing List (EPL) for each order with your ticket values. An e-mail attachment is generated the evening your order is shipped and to any e-mail address(s) you specify for an “upload” into your system. The EPL process allows you to update products and maintain your inventory control.

Digital Purchase Order

In working with Sacoa and our customers needs, Sureshot created the industry’s first Digital Purchase Order (DPO) for our on-line POS customers.

The DPO process is simple: When a Purchase Order is created in your compatible POS system; you then select the option to create the file that will be used to “Upload” on our eOrder web site. Much easier than re-entering the entire order! The system immediately returns your items ordered and displays a picture of each item along with the adjusted order quantity and inventory availability. If any item should happen to be unavailable at that time, simply click the “Alternate Items” link and the system will show several options based on the price of the item that was sold out! When finished, simply submit the order and you will receive an automated e-mail confirmation of the finalized order.

Ask your software provider if they are DPO compatible today!

Electronic Purchase Order

Perfect for large orders, multiple location accounts or tech savvy users, Sureshot can accept your standardized Electronic Purchase Order ( EPO) in any format. The EPO file is used to “import” your order directly into our system through our integration process virtually eliminating order entry errors. PeopleSoft is just one example of a customer’s internal system that already has this ability built right into it. We’ve been processing orders this way for over 10 years and have many more EDI and XML capabilities to fit your needs. Please contact us on-line or speak to your sales rep for more information.

Sureshot is also compatible with ” PunchOut” procurement systems: Ariba, Elcom (Pecos) and Paperless Business Systems’ eRequester.

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