Girl Scouts Troop #3054 Visits TFG



On Monday November 12th Girl Scouts Troop #3054 received a special tour of The Foland Group’s warehouses and operations!

Led by our VP of Operations, Darren Foland, and with tons of help from our warehouse managers and staff, the tour consisted of exploring the nitty gritty of how a warehouse operation works from beginning to end.

Not only was the tour a great educational experience to the troop members by providing them with viable real world business education but it also came with an awesome surprise at the end….*hint hint*….TOYS!

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1. Printing

The Foland Fun Factory Tour started at the off-site warehouse where the troop members were introduced to Digital Printing and Pad printing.

Showing off some items from our digital printer.

Explaining how the pad printer works to the troop members.

2. Goodie Bags

Next stop on the tour was the goodie bag area where they were shown how pre-packed goodie bags are sorted and assembled. They also had a chance to assemble their very own goodie bags!

3. Shipping Labels

Troop members were shown how shipping labels were set up and printed out to be put on packages ready to be shipped.

4. Sortation

After the boxes are packed and ready to go they are then sent down the conveyor belt where the boxes will get their picture taken and barcode read. The camera and scale communicate the weight and ID to be approved or rejected.

5. Truck Loading

After the package is sorted into the correct area it is then ready to be loaded into the trucks and hauled away. Almost a million packages are shipped each year! Can you imagine all those toys?!

6. Order Desk

This area is where each order is reviewed and processed. With all the orders coming in we have to stay focused and organized to ensure a seamless process!

7. Picking Area

After receiving the order we have to pick each item within that order and pack them into the box.

8. Showroom

Our showroom is our dedicated area to showoff all of our awesome products to new and existing customers! I think it is safe to say the troop members had a blast looking at all the items!

9. Employee Store

Now the best part….Each troop member was given “Foland Bucks” and was able to go on a mini shopping spree within our employee store!

We want to thank Troop #3054 for joining us on our Foland Fun Factory tour. We hope you enjoyed your time with us and learned something new!